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EPTECH POWER CONTROL SYSTEMS LTD. was incorporated in Nigeria on 10th December 2013.

The company is actively engaged in providing in-house designed and developed Power Solutions for various applications in telecom and non telecom. The Company is equally engaged in providing the services installation & Commissioning of Solar & Non Solar Hybrid Solutions, Installation & Commissioning of Remote Monitoring Solutions, Power Audit and Power Optimisation, Earthing & Surge Protections, Repair of Power Systems & O&M.

Till December 2015 EPTECH was confined to provision of various power solutions to non telecom clients. However, since the beginning of 2016 we have expanded the operations to the telecom sector with optimum resources to undertake power hybrid solution projects, Remote Monitoring Services, passive infra colo-provisioning, repairs & refurbishment of Rectifier Modules including complete Power Plant, ATS and training & empowerment.

Our target client base include multiple users from various technology driven industries such as Telecom & ICT, Multi-storey Buildings, Corporate offices, Residential Apartments and Housing Colony, Banks, Educational Institutions, Utility Grid, Alternate Energy, Oil & Gas Sector and other relevant Government Projects where power systems / solutions are critical factors in their operation.

Power Solution Company

Concurrently we shall establish a vibrant platform for relevant Design & Development initiatives.

We expert

Our special expertise will be available in key areas of specialised services as mentioned in the subsequent sections.

Quality Skills

We strive to achieve quality standards that not only meet the expectations of our customers but even exceed them.

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