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Who We Are?

EPTECH Power Control Systems Ltd was established in Nigeria with diverse objectives to serve multiple clients from various technology driven industries.

EPTECH Power was established to provide local presence of product / solution SMEs with a credible frame-work for seamless technical support together with training & empowerment / local skill development which are crucial towards addressing a host of pain points / criticalities experienced by the esteemed clients, such as :

⚒  Lack of technical support & expertise on ground to adapt incoming technology solutions to local conditions.
⚒   Serious lack of after sales support hitches including total abdication of responsibility by OEMs/Vendors/Service Providers once the equipment/ solutions are introduced.
⚒  Long lead times for executing critical repair / replacement / customisation needs due to geographical separation of product / service providers.
⚒  Minimum Quantity requirement for shipping overseas consignments could often induce operational crises.
⚒  Lack of a well conceived and executed training / orientation / refresher programmes on the technology / equipment / solution coupled with lack of adequate technically skilled local resources.
Power Solution Company

Concurrently we shall establish a vibrant platform for relevant Design & Development initiatives.

We expert

Our special expertise will be available in key areas of specialised services as mentioned in the subsequent sections.

Quality Skills

We strive to achieve quality standards that not only meet the expectations of our customers but even exceed them.

Vision & Mission